Sapphire's Fangs 
Sapphire's Fangs 

zwampert said: markiplier is my favourite TwT

he’s my favorite too lol
(thats why I need new suggestions because im pretty sure ive watched all of his stuff at this point, whoops)

give me suggestions for good video game youtubers to watch!

edit: aahhh thanks guys!!


"not ALL men"

look, i know steve rogers is a perfect human being, but you don’t need to bring him up in every discussion

Anonymous asked: Do you have a crush on anyone?


(and no I wont tell u who because they follow me)

Anonymous asked: What do you look for in a mate?

for some reason the word “mate” really creeps me out idk why lmao

- not a brony
- likes pokemon
- ngl I have to be at least a little bit physically attracted to them
- idk just be a decent person??
- IDK?? IM NOT SUPER PICKY and theres not really anything specific that attracts me to someone it just happens

Anonymous asked: when was ur last kiss?

far too long ago, anon. far too long ago.

(I think it was in like, late January or something so about eight months ago)